Refrigerated transport

  • Our company provides the service of transporting products with refrigerated trucks, offering quality, immediacy and a guaranteed result. We take care of the continuous development of a transport network that meets the needs of modern businesses. We carry out deliveries of groceries, fresh and frozen products and pharmaceuticals.
  • We provide a modern and equipped fleet of vehicles , with temperature recorders to know the progress of your products at all times. The staff who work for our transport company are specially trained and have years of experience in their history. In this way, we ensure for you who trust our name , a guaranteed result and road safety . We also ensure that all products will be transported under the ideal conditions they need.
  • You can ask anything you need to know by contacting us. We are always at the customer's disposal to explain. With us, you will find attractive prices, adapted to market data.
  • Our fleet has at its disposal refrigerated trucks of different lengths and useful loading heights, which can transport refrigerated or frozen loads, depending on the customer's requirements. We have the expertise in transporting perishable products such as medicine, fish, food, cheese, etc. at low temperatures or in refrigeration. The temperature is controlled throughout the journey from the receipt of the goods to their delivery. Always with the appropriate conditions faithfully observed and with the necessary certificates, we can guarantee you the excellent condition of your products, by transporting them at the right temperature, observing the hygienic conditions.
  • Refrigerator trucks in maintenance or freezing, travel to all the cities of Greece, quickly and with absolute safety.
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